Serve A Little

We work to empower the working, low-income single mother and women whose partners are deployed elsewhere through the armed forces. We do this by providing free to low-cost automotive repair and maintenance. We also provide assistance with small in home repair projects. Helping single mothers complete these tasks allows them to stay in school, complete job training, go to work and provide for their children in a way that is sustainable and builds community.

For many, the idea of helping someone in need seems overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I have to offer?

Serve A Little simplifies this process and makes finding help or reaching out to help easy by providing the link between the two. The skills and abilities of each individual are as unique as the needs in our communities. Serve A Little works to match volunteers to the specific needs that they have the resources and skills to fulfill.

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80 for Haiti

On a global level, we build public schools in remote villages in Haiti. With $80,000 we can build one school for 400 kids. Our schools not only provide Haitian Children with the opportunity to get an education but also with lunch everyday throughout the school year. For many of these children this is their only hope for a better future.

We build our schools by employing and teaching the local skilled workers how to build in a structurally sound manner. Haiti is in the process of recovery. This is your chance to help rebuild a country. Check out 80 for Haiti and Butt Sweat & Gears to learn more.


Give a Little – Becasue it all helps

A monthly contribution will help us keep meeting the needs of local families. Instead of a one-time donation, a $5 monthly pledge helps us much more, financially and practically. It lets us have a steady and consistent source of support that allows us to meet the growing needs of the people we serve.

To put it in other words – if we know we can count on you then the people we serve will know they can count on us.
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Who is Matthew Nalywaiko and what is his Vision and Purpose in Life?

After years of serving in places around the globe, Matthew noticed that in every community there are people in need but there are also individuals equipped to meet those needs. Serve A Little is there to connect people, allowing them to support each other in real, tangible ways.

Since its inception in 2009, Serve A Little has helped countless families; primarily single mothers. In 2010, Serve A Little began its global outreach in Haiti. We set out to devise a practical plan of how Serve A Little could empower Haitians to build structurally sound schools that would create jobs and educate their children. Matthew continues to take Serve A Little to new places with the development of Project Haiti and SAL’s Automotive.

A look back over the last 4 years

Who Do We Help?

Our target population is low-income single mothers who are either working, enrolled in job training programs and/or attending school in order to further their education and secure employment.

These single mothers rely heavily on their vehicles to transport their children to/from school, childcare, healthcare visits and other supportive services. When a single mother is already living paycheck to paycheck you can easily see how the cost of critical automotive repair can be the tipping point which sends her family into a downward spiral.

We have worked closely with social workers and eligibility workers to develop practical screening tools to insure we are serving this target population.