Helping Single mothers

You Hold the Key to Keep Single Mothers Moving Forward

We work to empower the working, low-income single mother and women whose partners are deployed elsewhere through the armed forces. We do this by providing free to low-cost automotive repair and maintenance. We also provide assistance with small in home repair projects. Helping single mothers complete these tasks allows them to stay in school, complete job training, go to work and provide for their children in a way that is sustainable and builds community.

For many, the idea of helping someone in need seems overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I have to offer?

Serve A Little simplifies this process and makes finding help or reaching out to help easy by providing the link between the two. The skills and abilities of each individual are as unique as the needs in our communities. Serve A Little works to match volunteers to the specific needs that they have the resources and skills to fulfill.

Give a Little – Because it all helps

A monthly contribution will help us keep meeting the needs of local families. Instead of a one-time donation, a $5 monthly pledge helps us much more, financially and practically. It lets us have a steady and consistent source of support that allows us to meet the growing needs of the people we serve.

To put it in other words
If we know we can count on you then the people we serve will know they can count on us.


Make a Difference Now

One-Time Donation

Monthly donations made this possible.

A few things made possible by donations big and small…

-5 low-income single mothers received vehicles
-Over 100 tune-ups completed
-35+ cars repaired & back on the road
-A leaking water-heater replaced
-School supplies for a mother & her children
-A working washer & dryer for a single mother of 3
-An alternator replaced for a mom who was having to charge her car battery everyday to get to/from school
-New tires for 3 working low-income single mothers
-A single mother of 3 can now close and lock her front door
-Repaired seatbelts in the car of a mom of 2
-Swimming lessons for a little boy whose babysitter has a pool
-Valve gaskets replaced just in time to prevent the motor from locking up

This just highlights a few of the many things we have been able to do thanks to your donations!