Our Wish list

A wish comes true for this single mom & her family.

Our Wish is to have 500 people sign up for our $5 monthly pledge.

We currently have 162 people signed up. Sign me up now!
Become a part of the 500 that keeps single mothers moving forward.


Here is a list of the needs that single mothers most frequently request.

Routine car maintenance – $60 or $5 a month –
Gas card ~ $60 or $5 a month
Smog ~$60 or $5 a month
Used Car ~ $3000+
Set of tires for a single mother – $450 or $35 a month
Alternator – $180 – or $15 a month
Routine brake job ~ $300 or $25 a month
Rebuild Transmission (most common requests we cannot fulfill) ~ $1500 or $125 a month
Radiator/cooling system ~ $200 or $15 a month

Muffler/exhaust system ~ $200 or $15 a month
Automotive Registration ~ $120 or $10 a month
Routine In-home repairs and maintenance ~ $150-200 or $15 a month
Roof Replacement ~$5000
Dry rot repair ~ $300
Plumbing services ~ $200
Birthday/Christmas gifts for children ~ $100
Spa day for Mothers ~ $150
Back to school clothes ~ $150
Back to school supplies ~ $50
Grocery Card ~ $150
Washer/Dryer ~ $600
Computer ~ $400
Water Heater ~ $450
Refrigerator ~ $800

See something you would like your donation to go towards?

Donate below and put what you would like your donation to go towards in the comments.
We will make sure it goes straight to those who need each item most.
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Moving Towards Sustainability


SAL’s Automotive

One time donation of $250K

Serve A Little is the only nonprofit in Sonoma County that provides free to low-cost automotive repair.  Over 75% of the requests we receive are for automotive type services. We currently have three mechanics that volunteer there time & shop to help us meet this ever-growing need.  But they can only do so much.  Our plan is to develop a self-sustaining model program, in Sonoma County, which provides free and low-cost automotive repair services for single mothers in need.  Further more we have been working with the Santa Rosa Junior College Automotive Technology Certificate Program.  SAL’s Automotive will be providing student instruction and internship experience while showing these students what it is like to give back to their community.

Project Haiti

One time donation of $200K

We, at Serve A Little, are looking to not only improve Haitians lives today, but far into the future. In looking forward to the future, we have found partnerships with other non-profit organizations and local Haitian businesses to come up with a venture to provide a steady stream of funds to help build more, and maintain existing schools. These efforts will be run under every aspect of a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model by reducing pollution and non-biodegradable materials throughout the country while employing locals, and creating jobs with the equivalent of a middle class income with all proceeds going directly into the community.

Build a school in Haiti

One time donation of $80K

Serve A Little’s recent global effort. 80 for Haiti, focuses on helping rebuild the country of Haiti by building much needed schools for the children.  These efforts will provide an education for the country’s future leaders while creating jobs in the local community. With $80,000 we can build one school for 400 kids. Our schools not only provide Haitian Children with the opportunity to get an education but also with lunch everyday throughout the school year.

If you are interested in learning more about these projects and would like to review our business plans we would love to hear from you and discuss ways for you to get involved.  Please contact: Matthew Nalywaiko at matthew@servealittle.org or by phone: 707-387-9811